Romildo Santos Jr
Abstract Expressionist Artist

I am a self taught artist with a passion for self expression in the sculpting of paint.
A native of Recife (The Venice of Brazil). My work reflects those cultural roots.
I came to the United States to live and develop my art in 2000.  It is here in Atlanta that I wish to pursue my dreams
My work is vibrant, expressive and passionate.
Although abstract in nature, the structure and composition reflects the disparate forces of today’s world. I seek to express transitions in my own life, with the hope of reflecting our times in an enduring and universal manner in which others may share.
Artwork is the first thing you notice when you enter a room and therefore takes on a great importance. My work is filled with lots of texture and vibrant colors. It is a compilation of color, light and texture that permits and encourages reflection and flights of imagination.
Go beyond posters for your modern style office. Upgrade to one or several of my paintings.
The office space is often the first point of contact that many potential clients or customers have with your business; so adding office artwork is an excellent way to add personality to the room.
Quality office artwork implies success and taste, and will instantly make newcomers feel comfortable and at ease in your business environment. Just because you are working from home doesn't mean comfort needs to stop at the door.
Add a pleasing visual to your home office with a hand acrylic painting By Romildo Santos Jr.
I will view your space and decide on the places art should be located to achieve the greatest impact, and determine what size artwork is required for the size of the wall and space.
If you already have artwork, I can collaborate and properly incorporate my work into your facility.
I offer bulk discounts for interior designers, home builders and property developers.
Contact me for more information.
Go beyond posters for your modern style office. Upgrade to one or several of my paintings. The brush work and rich colors you see in one of my paintings will far exceed any flat print you will find.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the experience of my art as much as I enjoy the process of creation.
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